Saturday, February 1, 2014

Love the Now

Some times... I see pictures and I get jealous. I just want to be in the future.

I want to take cute pictures of my babies feet.
I want to dance with my daughter on my feet.
I want to be sad when I can't help my son with social problems anymore.
I want to be hurt when our kids don't want to go camping with us anymore.
I want to feel loved when my family surprises me at work.
I want to hold hands with my best friend on the porch when our grand kids come.

But then...  I realize that I'm missing now.

I can't get enough mind pictures of when we have a quirky date.
Or when we can go to walmart in the middle of the night for ice cream.
I love when we make dinner together and spend all evening watching the same show on netflix.
I like taking hours to take a picture of us with a timer until you like one...even if I don't seem to.

The future has exciting things in store. But so does the present.

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